Thomas G. Ernst & Co.

New times new orders

After the change into expensive fuel, new chances for orders with new engines.

Facing very difficult financing targets, but facing No 1 pool position with new designs.

We now have the chance to enter into new orders for 2,400 teu Container ships with almost 10
tons less consumption compared to ships we contracted in 2007 and before.

Same applies for new ... read more

Gästefahrt auf der Elbe

Familie Brügge (VEGA Reederei) auf unserer HETI

Traditionsausfahrt mit Gästen auf der Elbe

Bei teils Dauereegen, aber auch teils warmer Sonne folgten wir mit den Inhabern der VEGA Reederei auf unserem gemeinsamen 100Jahre alten 12mR Schiff einer Traditions Schiffs Ausfahrt vom Hansahafen ... read more


37.000 TDW Green Dolphin Type by SDARI

The Green Dolphin, a concept design for a new Handysize bulk carrier is being further developed

Model tests have taken place in China last month.
Further tank tests in Hamburg are to be expected before the year ends.
For further information please do not hesitate to contact us. ... read more

Our presence at SMM 2012

More Exhibitors, more guests at SMM

Thomas G.Ernst & Co at most visited SMM ever

Our stand was well visited by interested parties, friends and clients. Over 2.200 exhibitors is more than ever. More visitors on 3 days. The 4th day was unexpetedly disturbed by Lufthansa on stike.
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