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Bank Loans decline by USD 10bn last year

According to Athens based analysis company Petrofin Bank loans devclined in 2017. However,
this is much lower than in 2016 (USD 42bn).

Bank of China and China Exim Bank supplied shipping with abt USD 34bn last year, which is 10pct of global shipping loans from 40 leading global shipping banks.

European finance declined from 83% to 59% in 2017 and Far Eastern financing rose from almost 15% to 35%.

Whilst shipfinance fall by abt 28% since 2008 against 28% global fleet growth. This gap was filled by Chinese, Japanese and Korean leasing companies, often linked to international Far Eastern
banks. Only Chinese leasing stood at $47bn during 2017.

Also interesting according to PETROFIN:
Norway becoming a primary centre for shipping investment.
With a relatively quiet US equity and bond market, Norway has become a credible alternative
to the US.