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5 ships traded the Northern Sea Route in 2015

Northern Sea Route (NSR) or in German Nordwest Passage getting more attractive

2015 five ships traded through the NSR (Northern Sea Route / Norwest Passage) in total of which 2 ice classed MPP vessels of Hansa Heavy Lift used the chance of the NSR. These ships benefitted from the longer season in the waterways north of the American Continent.
This passage is about 5.700 km long.
In comparison:
The way from Rotterdam to Tokyo through Suezcanal is abt. 21.100 km or 11.393 sm.
through the NSR the same route is only 15.900 km or 8.585 sm.

See also our News dated 25.3.2015 about the North East Passage:
The same route from Rotterdam to Tokyo through THIS passage, north of Europe and Asia
is only 14.100 km or 7.613 sm.