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No news - History !

Do you know how long ago the 1st cellularized containership was built? 72 years ago !

The MV Fairland, built April 1942, converted from conventional cargo ship into a celled Containership in 1957 (57 years ago) – the first time containers where stowed in stacks and guided by cells. The beam increased from 19,20 to 22,0 meters.
The 10.565 tdw gearless vessel was able to carry 226 TEU, powered by a steamturbine giving her 15,5 knots speed.

MV Fairland was the first transatlantic liner vessel between US EC and Europe (arrived Rotterdam 3. Mai 1966 and Hamburg 6.Mai 1966 under the Flag of SEALAND INDUSTRIES (formerly Pan Atlantic), owned by Mr. Malcolm McLean.